mike kuzin Senior UI Designer



I am a seasoned designer with a focus on crafting quality user experiences by combining both of my skill sets – creative and technical. I thrive on the challenge of addressing problems that occur when people use technology. My goal is to improve online experiences for all people regardless of age, skill level or disability. I am a lifelong learner and leader by example and I am committed to the quality of my craft.


Recent Career Profile

Product Designer
Fi360 — Pittsburgh, PA
January 2016 to Present

Senior UI Designer
Jazz — Pittsburgh, PA
March 2014 to December 2015

Senior UX/UI Designer / Developer
ShowClix, Inc. — Pittsburgh, PA
October 2010 to March 2014

Founder, Creative Director
Kuzin Creative — Pittsburgh, PA
April 2006 to Present

Graphic Designer & Front-end Developer
Direct Axis Creative — Pittsburgh, PA
March 2009 to April 2010


Technical Inventory

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, highly-dynamic environment.
  • Able to produce detail-oriented, highly polished, pixel perfect mockups and designs.
  • Passionate about crafting and maintaining brand identity and UI specifications.
  • Experienced with the entire product lifecycle — from conception to iteration.
  • Able to design workflows and experiences that are simple, clean, and elegant.
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Mockups, and other design software.
  • Experienced in designing and developing for both Mobile and Desktop, native and web.
  • Able to contribute within a high concept product team, helping to mold high-level strategy and business decisions.
  • Experienced working with Product Managers to determine requirements and specifications to successfully translate design into code.
  • Standards-based Web Developer, able to produce validated hand-coded front-end markup.
  • Obsessed with usability, wireframes, A/B testing, and the latest UX trends.
  • Professional level photo editing and asset creation.
  • Comfortable working within an IDE or text-based coding environment.
  • Experienced with managing large repositories of code with Git.
  • Experienced with Grunt/Gulp and other CLI based development environments.
  • Obsessed with proper use of semantics and standardization of the web.


Education History

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science with Honors (3.7), Graphic Design, 2008


Thoughtful Recommendations

Mike Kuzin is a one-man product machine. I recruited him at Jazz because he's a UI/UX Designer who thinks like a product manager. His work was essential in helping Resumator transition to Jazz while fundamentally transforming our core user experience. Mike deserves much of the credit for Jazz's position as a leading recruiting solution. He gets my highest recommendation!

Don Charlton, Founder and CPO, Jazz.co

Mike is a very talented designer and artist... by far one of the best that I've ever had the pleasure of working with and managing. He is never short on creative ideas or the latest trends and technologies. Mike's rare ability to pay attention to detail and usability while creating simple, yet compelling end-results makes him truly one of a kind in his field.

Joshua Dziabiak, COO at TheZebra.com, Founder of ShowClix, Inc.

I don't exaggerate when I say that Michael is the most prolific (and perfectionist) designer I've encountered as a teacher of art and design. When a project would seem to be at its best and no one had anything else to add, Michael would somehow discover a way to improve it. Not only did he consistently push the limits of his own art, but inspired others to do the same. It didn't surprise me at all when he won Best of Show at Portfolio Review. He shared information liberally with his peers and instructors and worked incredibly hard. If I were hiring a designer, I'd hire him in a heartbeat.

Terese Jungle, Professor of Graphic Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Mike is a very clever designer who is patient, attentive to detail, and willing to deal with meticulous changes. His style always evolves and I'm consistently impressed with his work, especially what I see outside of the office.

Anthony Fabbricatore, Marketing Communications Coordinator, ShowClix, Inc.

Mike is an extremely talented and versatile designer with an impressive bank of knowledge that covers everything from conceptual theory to scalable web development. Whether he's sketching out a workflow, assembling an interface or constructing an eye-popping, attention-grabbing landing page, Mike keeps the focus on the users while consistently executing projects in an elite and timely fashion. With his passion for solving complex interaction problems, coupled with a fun-loving, resilient attitude, Mike is an ideal candidate for a fast-paced dev environment. He is one of the most sophisticated, innovative and productive designers I've ever met, and working with him was an absolute pleasure.

Jonathan Bieda, Creative Director, ShowClix Inc.







Code Samples & References Available by Request